9/9/2021 Weekly Newsletter – Why is it so hard to listen?

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Why is it so hard to LISTEN?
Simple, the average rate of
speech for an American is
about 125 words per minute;
the human brain can process
about 800 words per minute.

Here is a test to show how your brain is moving faster than
you realize.

– How do you pronounce SPOT?
– What do you do at a green light?
Did you STOP? (haha).
Why did you stop? It was the “thought-speech differential†or
“listening gapâ€. This means the brain has extra capacity and
WILL process information using that extra capacity. Simply put you think faster than you read or that people talk!

How can you slow down your mind? – Practice the these 7 active listening skills
1. Be attentive.
2. Ask open-ended questions.
3. Ask probing questions.
4.Request clarification

5. Paraphrase.
6. Be attuned to and reflect feelings.
-7. Summarize.

Ready for one more?
– How do you pronounce FOLK?
– What is the white part of an egg called?
Did you say Yolk? (Give yourself time to practice listening)
In summary – You may not be a bad listener, you may
just be an active thinker.

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